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Python is a flexible language easier to learn than most other languages, but still powerful enough to be useful for solving real-life problems.

Why is Python Popular With Linux users?

Compare Python to many languages


C++ vs Java vs Python vs Ruby


Java vs. Python feature by feature comparison


Google: Python where we can, C++ where we must (see also post #10)



Python is *the* best language for beginner, especially self-learner. It is not only With C/C++ you will get bogged down with boring details from very beginning -- details with Python will take care for you, like variable types, etc.


Just compare simple task, like printing song "99 bottles on the wall" in:

  • C (kernel module style - like C should be used),
  • Java (with all the object obsession as standard Java uses all the time),
  • C++
  • Python
  • Perl ( very idiomatic)


Each language has other version, but I tried to link most idiomatic solution (as the language is used in real life)

more is coming soon

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