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Why to get interested in programming?


You already are interested to become a programmer - otherwise you would not be reading this page. :-)


But still why to get into it? What will be the rewards? Programmers live to solve problems. For a hacker, the best reward is the knowledge and feeling you get when you solve complicated problem on computer. Hacker is not cracker - (cracker creates problems, hackers solves them) - but popular media hopelessly mixed these terms together, and most likely original meaning of "hacker" is lost.


Programming is interesting job:

  • it is not boring, you get to solve new problems most of the time (and if you repeatedly solve same problem, why not you write a program to solve it for you?)
  • It is interesting: often you work on cutting edge of technology (as close as you dare), solving important problems.
  • It is hard, but well paid job. With bid portion of luck, you may start a startup and get filthy rich by your 30th birthday.
  • Even if not filthy rich, you may need to use computers daily to solve small problems (and make you slowly, but cleanly rich). :-)

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