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Guessing numbers ( mastermind )


Computer generates a number, player tries to guess it and computer answers



  • program which plays game (tries to guess)
  • program which runs "AI championship" - program solutions of above point, even competition for best program


20 questions


You guess a thing/animal etc. Computer asks questions, you answer yes/no, until runs out of questions.



  • If knowledgebase does not include correct answer, programs asks 'whats the difference' and extends knowledgebase
  • restructure knowledgebase


Simple AI problems


3 cannibals and 3 missionaries, or sheep, dog and hay: program searches through all possibilities, rejects invalid moves, finds all possible solution




Generate labyrinth with one entrance, one exit, and one possible path (or path to center). Every cell needs be connected to path, many dead ends possible, but no "closed islands".



  • create program solving labyrinth


Generator of foreign-sounding names


like these generators



sudoku solvers

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