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Discussions about Python IDE


Free IDEs


  • IDLE
  • Pida (for win)
  • SPE (cross-platform, developed on ubuntu)
  • PyDev Eclipse plugin, Easy Eclipse.org has it by default
  • PyScripter
  • ERIC



Paid + free trial

  • Komodo
  • WingIDE



the standard Python debugger bdb.py which does not currently support

multi-threaded debugging (only the main thread can be debugged). One

debugger with such support is Winpdb. PyScripter may integrate Winpdb

in the future. However PyScripter does support debugging of GUI (e.g.

Tkinter, WxPython) applications with remote debugging.


  • Winpdb may sound to you as windows specific but it actually googles up

as platform independent. Those of you who dare work with a bunch of

separate development tools (oh, the terror, ugh...) instead of an IDE

will find it to be one of the best Python debuggers around.

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