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> What language is the best? Is there no clear answer?



There cannot be clear answer because language you use to describe the solution influences your thinking about how to solve the problem, and what *is* the problem.


Because the only way to express the solution is using a language, selecting a language determines patterns you will use to express the solution. Language changes your brain, your way of thinking.


Only with a lot of skill and experience, when you can solve the problem using many different languages and approaches, you can understand how parts of your particular solution (expressed in a given language) relate to different solutions of the same problem expressed in different language.


Only then you can transcendent ("solve") the question of language - and even then you cannot pass this knowledge and understanding to others, they have to gain insight by own efforts. A guru can hint, but it's the student who has to do the learning.


Without this insight, answer is trivial "it depends - and all languages are Turing-complete anyway", which does not tell you anything.

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