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Python in your browser


Without installing: online Python - requires javascript-enabled browser. Please don't abuse this site - if you want to use Python for experimenting, install it.


Install Python


You have a choice: standard Python from Python.org, or use Activestate version - containing some customizations for Windows.


  • On Windows: you need to download and install it (double-click to run downloaded .exe file - the installer).
  • On Mac: rjseagraves from Ubuntu forums says: "Python is installed on the Mac by default, but usually about a minor version behind the latest stable python release. Instead, download a version of IDLE that includes the latest python release at http://www.python.org/download/mac "
  • On Linux: Python is installed by default on all distros I know about. If not, follow install guide for your distribution.
  • Python on Live CD: You can also download and burn UbuntuLiveCD and run python directly from it (and later use it to install Ubuntu).
  • Python IDE: On Linux, you may want to install IDLE - simple Python IDE. On Windows, it is included in installer.


Check Installed Python


  • Open terminal window and type 'python', or
  • Find Python IDE (called IDLE) in program menu and run it.


Experimenting with Python



First Python Book

Excellent online books with basics (no object oriented programming to get you confused):

Dick Baldwin's tutorial - the best, with good explanations at beginner level. Does not look pretty, but text is excellent.

Byte of Python

Python Tutorial at wikibooks: maybe little too simple: if Baldwin book is confusing, check explanation in wikibooks

Alan Gauld's book. Also good, covers also advanced topics (like OOP), but they are clearly marked.

Hands-On Python A Tutorial Introduction for Beginners, by Andrew N. Harrington, with some videos. Part of programming 101. Up to simple web pages.


For programmers with some experience: Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim


More books and reading:


  • Introduction to Programming at wikiversity - Simple 1-page intro about what programming is. Gives you a glimpse on CPU instruction - but just a glimpse.


Beginner's Guide has many good resources (also in languages other than English). Follow your own intuition, or try themin this order:


or any from non-programmers guide to python.


Let me know which one you picked, and how did you liked it.


How Python works


Python videos



Python cheatsheets


Both have more details than beginner need - limsi is under commons license, changeable.

(more is coming later)

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