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Under construction: moving pages from http://learnpydia.pbwiki.com


So you want to learn Python! Smart choice!


If you are experienced programmer in other languages, go directly to "Advanced" section of PythonBooks


This website is a guide for a computer enthusiast without programming experience (and without teacher) when learning Python. Which books are best? Where to start? Fear no more, you are at the right place -- we have the links: everything you need to get started, and succeed.


You need to learn:

  • Language syntax (how to explain computer what you want to do)
  • Data structures (how to model things in your programs)
  • Problem solving (how to put syntax and data together, and how to find bugs)



Before you start



  • Why python - Python is the best first language. Python is easy to learn, yet scales well to real problems. It is also easy to read, so you learn by reading code of other people, and share code in teams. Python is popular in Google and Ubuntu.


  • Compare Python - how python stands when compared with other languages?



Let's start!


  • How to start - how to install Python, your first Python editor, and first book


  • Python Books - Books and tutorials for beginners and experienced programmers and other online and offline resources




  • WebApplication - Two very simple web applications to get you started (3 and 35 lines long) and very simple web server.



Data Structures


wikipedia - wikibooks - DataStructures




Training tasks


Tasks for python learners

Python, is like any other language: to learn it you need to use it to solve some training problems. So we provide tasks (or etudes, a term coined by excellend book Etudes for Programmers, one of the best programming books ever, long time out of print) with glowing reviews




Advanced topics



Feedback, question, suggestions, links


Ask questions at Programming Talk Ubuntu Forum




  • This wiki was created by collecting good information from many sources all over internet (starting with python.org ), many python blogs and mailing lists, and as result from discussions with great folks of Programming Talk forum best Linux distro: Ubuntu . If you don't use ubuntu yet, you are missing a lot!
  • If you want to get in touch with me, try above forum, or email me at: learnpydia AT googlegroups DOT com



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